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Fred DeFrance - Experimental

Fred deFrance - Experimental (Album)
With the start of 2015, French artist Fred deFrance releases a new album Experimental including 10 tracks from experimentation works exploring new soundings and mixing techniques. The album proposes progressive instrumental pieces backed by energetic rhythms, one of the indisputable trademarks of the artist.
Several tracks stands out from the album: Experimental, groovy ballad between Dubstep and Holy trap styles. LesRobots, with its electric French Touch. Dance with ducks, synthetic tones and syncopated rhythmic plunges us into a Dancefloor atmosphere. Drone, urban music and trap style. Il fait chaud, ideal to sip a refreshing cocktail near the sea.
Album available for download from the 9th Febuary 2015


Techno Electro Minimal House Label
Fred de F
Tom Donax

Lg Maïwenn

Web Radio



RAM017-Fred-DeFrance - Experimental

RAM016 - Fred De F - You want my love

RAM015 Fred De F I Want FPV Now

RAM014 LG Maïwenn Take a Deep Breath

RAM013 Fred DE F Cloud Tom Donax Remix

RAM012 Underground Spirit - Tom Donax
Ram011 Fred De F Minimal Game
Ram 010 Tom Donax & Fred de F : Dreamin' Versus Electron Modulator
Ram 009 Fred de F : Disco DanceFloor

Ram 008 Tom Donax : Glory
Ram 007 Fred de F : Project X
Ram 006 Tom Donax et Fred de F : Electrochoc
Ram 005 Fred de F et Mox Codeta Remix : Electron Modulator

Ram 004 Fred de F et Tom Donax Remix, Kolesky et Raxx Mix : Disco Revolution
Ram 003 Tom Donax et Fred de F Mix : Dreamin
Ram 002 Fred de F et Dj Rien : Section Rock
Ram 001 Fred de F et Thomas Donati : Hot Clubbers

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